About Dr Gerber

Dr Michelle Gerber’s expertise and passion lie in well-women’s health. She founded The IUD Women’s Clinic to provide a safe space for women to discuss sensitive issues related to modern contraception and to provide optimal insertion and care of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) including Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUDs) and subdermal implants (Nexplanon ®). Dr Gerber combines medical knowledge with a holistic approach to empower her patients and support their choices, health and well-being. She received her MD at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1985 and is an IUD preceptor for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). Dr Gerber’s clinic is recognized as a center of excellence for intrauterine contraception insertion, removal and care (www.raice.ca). With more than thirty-five years in the field, multiple certifications and a deep commitment to remain on the cutting edge of medical practices, Dr Gerber provides quality, empathetic care.

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Our Clinic

The IUD Women’s Clinic is a welcoming, and discrete space for women. We specialise in IUDs and Nexplanon Contraceptive implants. Conveniently located and carefully designed, we look forward to exploring your well-women’s health and contraception needs. As a center of excellence for the insertion and care of IUDs and Nexplanon subdermal contraceptive implants, you can trust us with your concerns, health and body.

The IUD Women's Clinic is part of the national www.raice.ca network .

What is raice.ca?

www.raice.ca is a service established in 2015 . This grew out of a need, identified by a group of Canadian experts passionate about providing intrauterine contraception, (CNIC) with the mission to help patients rapidly and easily access IUDs and Contraceptive implant.

A RAICE recognised clinic specialises in IUDs and Subdermal contraceptive implants and comprised of skilled health care providers with focused care clinics providing IUD insertions, removals, emergency IUD contraception and Nexplanon subdermal contraceptive device placements and removals.

RAICE clinics offer care in a timely manner , and are committed to continual education and improvement of the care provided. They also train other healthcare providers who want to learn the skills needed to insert and remove an IUD or Nexplanon implant.

Is Our Clinic Right for You?

Dr Gerber's clinical duties focus entirely on contaception, IUD and Nexplanon procedures. Since 2014 she's placed 1000s of IUDs and as demand for long acting contraception rises, she placed 1400 IUDs and hundreds of Nexplanon implants in 2022.

Research shows that IUD and Nexplanon procedures are safer and more comfortable with experienced doctors. 

Dr Gerber is trained with the necessary skills to remove and place Nexplanon Subdermal Contraceptive implants ( approved by Health Canada in 2020).

Our clinic guarantees an appointment within three weeks.

We offer sexually transmitted infection screening and Pap testing (if applicable) at the  time of your IUD insertion/ removal .

We provide timely access to IUDs as emergency contraception ( less than 7 days from unprotected sex).

Dr Gerber can insert an IUD at any time during your cycle (you do not need to be on your period at the time of insertion).

We use local anesthetic to reduce discomfort with IUD insertions if needed.

Simply put, IUDs and Nexplanon® Contraceptive Implants are the most effective long acting, non-permanent methods of birth control.

Getting pregnant unexpectedly or at the wrong time in a woman's life can be traumatic. Taking the big step towards effective contraception allows you to focus on your personal and career life and goals, without any major surprises.

If you're not sure which IUD to choose or whether you should consider Nexplanon® Subdermal Implant, you're not alone. We'll help you decide which device is best based on the most up-to-date medical research.

Ready for an IUD or the Nexplanon ® Subdermal Implant?

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SOGC Statement on Contraception

The SOGC supports the principle of reproductive choice free from coercion, that all women are entitled to have full information and access to the available range of contraceptive options, and the ability to select and utilize the one that is right for them, whether that is an IUD, an implant, a hormonal patch, injection, pill or ring, a barrier method, emergency contraception or a combination of the above.

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