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Long-acting, immediately reversible and highly effective (99.2-99.8%), the IUD is recommended as the first-line method of contraception. They are great for adolescents, adults, immediate postpartum women and for later reproductive years including peri-menopausal women experiencing abnormal periods.
Hormonal IUDs are also used for cycle control in women struggling with heavy and/or painful periods. One of the greatest benefits, is that its success doesn't depend on the user, as once it's in place , you can simply forget and not worry. Also, it's discrete and cost-effective. IUDs are also effective as emergency contraception if placed within seven days of unprotected sex. Many GPs don't offer insertions or placements, so we’re here for you.

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Types Of IUDs Offered In Our IUD Clinic in Langley

There are two styles of IUDs available in Canada. Hormonal/progesterone-based IUDs (Mirena or Kyleena) or non-hormonal Copper IUD.

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IUD Basics

The IUD is a small, soft T-shaped device that is inserted into your uterus, also known as your womb, to prevent pregnancy. Some IUDs contain a hormone called progesterone which can reduce menstrual bleeding or stop menstruation altogether. Another type contains copper, the top choice for women who want to avoid hormones. It is the only non-hormonal birth control available.
Let’s sit down and see what best suits your lifestyle.

IUD Insertion

The IUD can be inserted anytime during your cycle as long as we can confirm you're not pregnant. For women who've never been pregnant, it's sometimes best to book your appointment for the IUD insertion during or just after your period as the cervix is generally softer. However, women get insertion's all the time at our clinic even when they're not bleeding without any problems.

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IUD Care

Most women return to work immediately after an insertion or removal. For the first 24 hours, do not place anything inside the vagina - this lowers the risk of infection . We recommend showers and use of pads or panty liners during this time. After 24 hours, you can resume all activities including hot tubs, swimming , use of menstrual cups or tampons.

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IUD Removal

When you choose to change contraception method, plan a pregnancy, replace your expiring IUD or simply discontinue use, the IUD can be easily removed at our clinic.

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