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How does an IUD work?
Types of IUDs
What are the benefits of IUDs?
How reliable are different forms of hormonal contraception?
Is contraception the only reason to get an IUD?
Don’t I need a period?
Does an IUD offer me any other benefits?
What are the risks of an IUD?
How do I check my IUD strings?
How often should I check?
What do I do when the strings seem to be missing?
What if the IUD is missing?
How do I shorten the strings?
Do I need to remove my IUD if I am monogamous and switch to another partner? Will it work if I have multiple partners?  
What happens if I get pregnant on an IUD?
Removing an IUD
How effective are different forms of birth control?
What are the main differences between the IUD and the subdermal implant? 
What about Long-acting reversible contraception (LARCS) for youth? 
Is our IUD clinic in Langley right for you?

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