Referral Process

We require a referral for all IUD , Nexplanon contraceptive implant and HPV co-testing services. Print off the form below and request your doctor , nurse practioner, midwife, or virtual clinic doctor to complete and  fax it to our clinic.
A referral is not required for Emergency IUD Contraception.

Clients Arriving at the Clinic -
Checking in and out


Only patients are to attend appointments. Please have your ride or family members wait in their vehicles. If you require someone to support you or a translator please contact us and speak to the front desk asssistant.


Due to the sensitive nature of services at our clinic , children are not permitted to accompany you to your appointment . Please arrange childcare ahead of time.


Arrive ten minutes before your appointment with your B.C care card and valid piece of I.D.
to register.


Medical grade masks and hand sanitazaion are no longer required by Public health inside clinics. However, it is still highly recommended to wear a mask whilst in the waiting room area which we are happy to provide.


Once inside our office, you will be asked to complete intake and consent forms.


We will obtain a urine sample and take your vital signs including blood pressure.


As of 1 April 2023, all IUDs (Copper IUDs, Mirena and Kyleena LNG IUS) and Nexplanon ® Implants are free for all B.C. residents . Please request your referring practitioner provide you with a prescription, take this to your pharmacy and bring your device to our clinic on the day of your procedure.

If you have difficulty obtaining a prescription , contact our office as soon as possible .

If you're not a B.C. resident or simply wish to purchase your IUD or Nexplanon implant dircetly from us, devices are available for purchase however, if you choose this option we are unable to provide a refund for any reason .


If you are having an IUD inserted or removed, avoid unprotected intercourse two weeks before your appointment. If you are not on any birth control this is very important . If we can not safely exclude pregnancy, your appointment will be rescheduled.

If you are getting a Nexplanon placement , and are not on birth control it's advisable to have the device inserted during the first five days of your menstrual cycle.


For all IUD procedures, arrive well hydrated, have a light meal in the morning and bring a pad or panty liner.IUD insertions, take 400mg-600mg of ibuprofen or Tylenol (500mg) on arriving at your appointment. Arrange for a ride home if you are sensitive to procedures. Expect to be at our clinic for 60-90 minutes.


Public health no longer requires staff or patients to wear masks inside the clinic .
However, it is still highly recommended to wear a mask whilst seated in the waiting room.
Masks and hand sanitiser will be provided .

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 4 full business days notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment . This fee is to prevent short notice changes to our schedule that impacts other patients . This administrative fee must be paid in order for you to rebook your appointment.

Telehealth : $50
Consultation : $100
IUD Removal : $150
IUD insertion / Replacement : $250
Nexplanon Insertion / Replacement / Removal : $250

Ready for an IUD or the Nexplanon ® Subdermal Implant?

Here is the patient referral form.

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