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How We Help You 

There is so much information on contraception and women’s wellness; it is hard to know what is right for you. As a woman, Dr Michelle Gerber understands. As a doctor who combines medical knowledge with a holistic approach, she has comprehensive expertise. We offer consultations and comprehensive IUD care, subdermal implants, HPV co-testing for women over thirty, Pap testing and, soon to be announced, esthetic services. Let’s sit down and discuss your health, wellness and contraception goals.

Our services include:

IUD Insertion, Removal & CareNexplanon Subdermal Contraceptive ImplantsPap and STI services
HPV Co-testing for women over 30
LARC Training for Health Care Providers (IUDs)
(coming soon)

Ready for an IUD or the Nexplanon Subdermal Implant?

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