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The IUD clinic has moved!

We've moved to 22190 48 Ave City of Langley, BC V3A 3N5
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You want what works best for your body and lifestyle—so do we at The IUD Clinic. Our expertise is in women’s wellness, education, and empowerment with a focus on modern contraception and sexual health. This includes IUDs, subdermal implants, Emergency IUD contraception, HPV, Pap testing and more. At the IUD clinic, there are many significant medical advances and we are here for guidance and support. Let’s connect and explore the best choices for your unique health and success.

Long-acting reversible contraception like IUDs and Nexplanon ® Subdermal Implants are the buzz right now, and for several good reasons. There are many significant medical advances, and we are here for guidance and support. Connect with our women's IUD clinic and explore the best options for you.

" Dr. Gerber was polite and professional . She is clearly an expert in what she does. She was quick and gentle in removing my IUD. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for IUD services." 

CS (patient), July 2020

" I have been seeing Dr. Gerber since 2016. She is pleasant, polite, and professional. She has a great sense of humor too. I really appreciate her COVID precautions in the waiting room and consulting rooms. Her front-end staff are friendly and helpful."

LS (patient), September 2020

" I was due to have my Mirena IUD changed, and my GP referred me to the IUD Clinic instead of doing it again himself. I found Dr. Gerber to be very informative and extremely thorough. Follow up visits and ultrasound to check for proper placement are all new to this experience for me and this is my third time having the Mirena IUD. Learning about side effects and being provided with lots of support and follow up makes me realize that my GP should have referred me to The IUD Clinic 10 years ago when I first decided to use an IUD."

SD (patient), March 2020

" Dr. Gerber was not only helpful in providing a hands-on experience, but that she also took the time to familiarize me with some of the physician and patient supports available."

MK (Family Physician), November 2020

"It was a very good learning experience and should definitely continue to be offered as an elective for our residents. The experience at The IUD Clinic was amazing! Dr. Gerber is a great instructor (calm, supportive and professional) and her clinic is well organized. I worked alongside her for two days."

JL (Family Medicine Resident) , September 2020

“...Dr. Gerber was helpful in not only providing a hands on experience, but that she also took the time to familiarize her with some of the physician and patient support in place. In summary, the experience was nothing short of excellent.”

Family Resident (SOGC IUC Preceptorship Program)

If you need further information, the staff at our IUD clinic  would be happy to guide you.

We require referrals for all services which can be requested from a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or midwife . Please fax the referral to 604-409 3979. The IUD Women's clinic aims to offer new patients a first appointment within one to three weeks of receiving the referral.

Referrals are not required for emergency IUDs.

Ready for an IUD or the Nexplanon ® Subdermal Implant?

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