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What is a Kyleena IUD?

Kyleena is a hormone-releasing intrauterine device (IUD). It is a T-shaped device which releases a hormone called levonorgestrel, a synthetic form of progesterone. In Canada, Kyleena is approved for use up to 5 years.

Kyleena is an extremely effective method of contraception and a good choice for women who just want contraception and do not have very heavy , painful periods.

Less than 1 out of 100 women using Kyleena will become pregnant in a given year. It is only slightly less effective than the Mirena IUD, another popular hormone-containing IUD,  but the difference is miniscule.  

Like all IUDs, Kyleena is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare provider. Once placed, Kyleena has short strings that come out of the cervix into the vagina.You can confirm the device is in place by feeling for the strings by putting your finger inside your vagina, having your partner feel for the strings or getting a doctor to check.  When it's time to remove your  IUD , a healthcare provider pulls on the strings with sterile instruments. 

How does Kyleena work to prevent pregnancy?

The Kyleena IUD continuously releases very low levels of levonorgestrel, a synthetic hormone which is similar to progesterone.  

Levonorgestrel partially suppresses ovulation, inhibiting the release of an egg from the ovaries. It also thickens cervical mucous, creating a plug that prevents sperm from fertilising an egg, and thins the lining of the uterus which is why periods get lighter. 

Kyleena contains 19.5mg of levonorgestrel, while Mirena contains 52mg. Despite the reduced hormone content, Kyleena is still highly effective at preventing pregnancy. This means users get effective contraception while receiving a lower dose of hormone.  

During the first 3 to 6 months women using Kyleena may have irregular bleeding and spotting with the bleeding sometimes being heavier . However, the bleeding usually becomes lighter and maybe regular or irregular.

Spotting and light bleeding with hormonal IUDs can be expected during the first three to six months.

Benefits of the Kyleena IUD

The Kyleena IUD offers many benefits to the user.

  • Effective contraception: Kyleena is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. Less than 1 in 100 women using Kyleena will become pregnant within a year.
  • Low-hormone option: Kyleena contains less levonorgestrel compared to Mirena.
  • Long-lasting : Kyleena can be used for up to 5 years.
  • Convenient and hassle-free: Once the Kyleena has been placed, it is effective after 7 days as contraception. No need to remember to take birth control pills , apply a contraceptive patch or insert a contraceptive ring inside the vagina.
  • Reduced menstrual flow: Kyleena can reduce menstrual bleeding, however, Kyleena is not approved for the treatment of heavy periods, while Mirena is.
  • Reversible: Kyleena can be removed by a healthcare provider at any time, with immediate return to fertility.
  • Can be used during breastfeeding : Kyleena can be inserted 8 weeks after natural delivery or 12 weeks after Caesarean Section and is safe to use while breastfeeding.

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